Let’s Sing!

This morning I heard a presentation by a woman who is head of a local nursing home unit that houses dementia patients.  In her presentation she said that the memory holds on to music until the very last of our lives.  Music is used in therapy with those suffering with end- of-life dementia.  I thought that interesting in light of yesterday’s conversation I had with long-time friends.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with some ladies that I had not seen in several years.  They live in the county next to mine and I had the honor of teaching their children in the past.  We caught up on some past experiences and how the children were doing of course, but then our conversation while we worked in a volunteer place turned to the topic of ministering to others through song.

One of the ladies, Betty, has a son-in-law that sang in the first quartet that my son sang in.  It is a good memory.  Steve was very tall and David, my son, was very short and the youngest in the group.  I’ve known Betty for many years but did not know until today that she plays the dulcimer and sings.  Our conversation included the memory of many good songs of the years our children were younger and the days of afterglow meetings at church when the teens stayed and just sang. It certainly strengthened my faith in my younger years to be part of those afterglow times.

One of the ladies in the group mused thoughts I have pondered myself in recent months.  Church music has changed.  Most churches have a mixture of the “old” songs in the well-worn hymnbooks with music that is projected on a screen via power point.  What songs will our following generation sing?  Will it be the powerful songs of Isaac Watts, that is the stately songs of theology written by saintly men?  Even Fanny Crosby songs are seldom sung today yet they are filled with messages of hope, trust, and joy.  We all hoped it will not be the songs with overpowering rhythm and endless repetitious phrases.

Let’s not let these dear old songs that spill out of our hearts in adoration disappear.  I’ve written before of the classic, “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” and it might be good to look back on that piece while you are on this site.  Choose a topic and think of all the songs written on that topic and let your heart be touched.

Today my topic seemed to be Calvary.  “Years I spent in vanity and pride, caring not my Lord was crucified. . .”  See, I helped you get started.  Now sing out to God as if only He is listening


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  1. Mercy there was great, and grace was free!

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