Good Things can Become Bad Things

What do you do with rhubarb?  Recently I saw an episode of “Chopped” in which one of the mystery ingredients in the basket was rhubarb. Only one of the chefs knew what rhubarb tasted like or how to use it. Rhubarb is a cold weather plant and most people who like in the North or Upper Midwest know exactly what rhubarb is and how to use it.  My favorite is rhubarb pie. In fact, my grandfather called rhubarb “pie plant.”  Maybe that is what they call it in Germany.

After having lived in Tennessee, I missed this wonderfully versatile plant when I moved back to Indiana.  Someone gave me a piece of a plant to start my own again.
For some reason, it just did not flourish.  In spite of water and sunshine, it just did not like the transplant.

Discouraged with the plants, there were two of them, I let them go.  In the fall the Black-Eyed Susans I planted in another section of the flower bed self-seeded and grew up near the rhubarb the following spring.  Spindly stalks of rhubarb managed to come up, but by midsummer, the Black-Eyed Susans took over.

Now, my friend, Margaret, identified a weed as a “plant out of place.”  A flower that I enjoyed and deliberately planted was becoming a weed.  This year the rhubarb did not even make a weak attempt at emerging.  It was simply choked out.

What’s sad is that the rhubarb was not choked out by something bad.  Good things become bad if they are allowed to flourish in the wrong place.  There are so many good things we do that take over our lives and choke out the very thing we need and would enjoy the most:  a healthy relationship with Jesus.  Don’t let those good things take over.  Keep them in their place.

It is my hope that I’ll find some freshly pulled rhubarb at the local Farmer’s Market so I can have at least one pie this year.



  1. I love your homey devotionals, Karyl.

    • Things are so simple for me. I am just simple minded. I could never be a therapist like you. I’d never see complex problems!

  2. Thank you. I am so simple; I feel that simple works if we will allow it to do so.

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