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Police, Arrests, and Me!

Law and order has always been a challenge.  Whether it dates back to European days or further back to ancient days, human government was established post Noah’s flood.  Prior to that, God expected mankind to choose right and wrong according to his conscience.  Then later, Moses brought the Ten Commandments down from Mount Sinai and …


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My Three Hamsters

When one of my grandsons turned nine, he longed to have a pet but his parents are not all that pet friendly people.  After talking it over with them, we decided that a hamster would be a good first pet.  That led me to keeping the hamster until a transfer could be done for his …

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Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice In 2012 Mitt Romney ran a clean campaign. He was a “Mister Nice Guy” and it was so difficult for the press and the opposition to find any slime about him.  So what happened?  Too many voters stayed home and refused to vote for a Mormon.  President Obama is not a nice …

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Tolerance and Terrorism

I dream.  As in, dream while I am sleeping.  Sometimes I dream when I am awake, but not much.  I have that in-between attitude of not a pessimist; not an optimist, rather a realist. Someone advised some months ago that the essential oil, lavender would induce a good night’s sleep.  One of the pitfalls of …

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The Norman Green Story

A friend gave me this story as just a small paragraph.  Since I wanted to know for sure that this ever happened, I looked further, and sure enough, there was a Norman Green, and he did put himself into self-imposed imprisonment.  Here is the story and what I take away from it. Hide and Seek. …

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Observations on the book: Musicophelia

Musicophelia, copyright 2007, in audiobook form consists of 9 compact discs which encompass 11 hours of listening.  The author, Oliver Sacks, is a medical doctor schooled in Oxford University, but starting in 1965 practiced medicine in the United States.  He is not only an exceptional neurologist, but also a prolific writer, and taught neurology at …

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