Tolerance and Terrorism

I dream.  As in, dream while I am sleeping.  Sometimes I dream when I am awake, but not much.  I have that in-between attitude of not a pessimist; not an optimist, rather a realist. Someone advised some months ago that the essential oil, lavender would induce a good night’s sleep.  One of the pitfalls of essential oil advice is that essential oils and body chemistry interacts. Since not all bodies are the same, the results are also different.  Lavender tends to give me nightmares.

Last Thursday I had injections of Avastin in each eye.  Yes. It hurts.  Does it help?  Yes. When I have those injections, I spend the afternoon with my eyes closed.  They rebound better and faster that way.  Last night I dreamed because I did not sleep well (naps do that to me).  I thought an itsy bitsy drop of lavender might help.  Nope.

Now, I have never lived in Chattanooga, TN but that is where my dream took me.  In my dream a terrorist was forcing cars to drive over the edge of Lookout Mountain.  They were plummeting to their deaths.  It was awful.  I rolled over, and over, and over, and switched pillows, and sat on the edge of the bed, but the cars kept going over the precipice.

Friday morning, I turned on the news to find out that in far away France, a terrorist was running over people.  How uncanny can that be! Terrorism must be on my mind.  In fact, I’d guess it is on the minds of hundreds, maybe thousands of minds.  In my dream it was as if I were fastened to the ground.  Unable to move, I could do nothing except observe.  And pray.

All those souls going into eternity.  I wondered if they had heard; I wondered if they had ever made an eternal decision on Christ.  I still wonder.

Each one, tell one.  It is a good motto.  The only way our country can change and change for the better is one at a time.  Christians must be tolerant because that is the last thing a terrorist is going to be.  While the terrorist is passionate about killing infidels, the tolerant Christian is compassionate, and there lies all the difference.  Jude is a very short book written by the half-brother of Jesus (at least that is what most theologians believe) and has but 25 verses.  Verse 22 shouts from the page: “And of some having compassion, making a difference.”  Each one, tell one.  One by one, let’s make a difference. Every day, day by day.  Never stopping.  Always loving. Ever compassionate.


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