Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice

In 2012 Mitt Romney ran a clean campaign. He was a “Mister Nice Guy” and it was so difficult for the press and the opposition to find any slime about him.  So what happened?  Too many voters stayed home and refused to vote for a Mormon.  President Obama is not a nice guy yet, he won.  He won because people did not vote at all and to not vote is to vote for the opposition.

Now, in 2016, we have a naughty race.  Both candidates cannot boast of squeaky clean records.  Once again people are going to be tempted to stay at home rather than vote for the lesser of two evils.  That would be wrong too.  A word one candidate uses repeatedly is disaster.  Everything on his primary trail was a disaster!  Well, it could be a disaster if the conservative ticket were to lose the House or the Senate by voters who refused to vote.

I usually do not “talk politics” here on the Shepherd’s Presence because I feel it should be an uplifting place.  As I stray off the path today, I hope that my words of encouragement to vote will have an impact.  To my dismay, actually, my governor, Mike Pence, did our state no favor in stepping aside to run with the Trump/Pence ticket.  Now we are left with a mess and have to scurry around to build a last—minute ticket to fill his seat in the statehouse.  The candidate I would most like to see on the ballot will have to vacate a House seat, leaving us in a scramble to fill that seat.  It is not a good thing.  We are left with a Lt. Governor in the meantime.

Christians do need to vote.  We must not sit on our hands.  We must do our homework, vote for the best candidates, and leave the rest to God.  At best, our country is run by three branches of government designed to balance powers. Those offices are filled with frail men and women to make decisions on the behalf of all of us in the republic.  Elections are not about one or two candidates.

Remember the sentence we learned in typing class years ago?  “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”  We have the right and responsibility to vote.  We have about four months to make our choices.  Stepping into the polling place, selecting our ballot, and pushing the big green “VOTE” button is very important.

Notice, I didn’t tell you for whom to vote.  As Senator Cruz stated last night, “vote your conscience.”  That’s good advice.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” Jesus says in John 10:27.  Yes, but to hear that voice, we must shut off the din or the crowds and live in the quiet strength of God’s Word.  Is that possible?  Of course!  Turn off the television and allow your mind to focus on the principles of God’s Word.  It will give you direction and focus.  Then, vote. We are not voting for a national pastor folks, we are voting for representation that will will insure freedom.



  1. Absolutely agree.

    • Linda, I have been a bit surprised at the readership on this post. No comments, but many many more readers than I expected. All I really did was a bit of a “rant.” It has gained attention at least.

      • Happens to me a lot. I can put a lot of time, effort and prayer into my Bible Study posts, but the ones that get tons of attention are the rants, or the funny ones.

  2. That’s the blogger’s life I guess. Our only “pay” is readership. Hamster stories usually get much attention for me. I don’t know why. I guess folks are attracted to animals because animals are so forgiving. I like your Bible study posts BEST!

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