My Three Hamsters

When one of my grandsons turned nine, he longed to have a pet but his parents are not all that pet friendly people.  After talking it over with them, we decided that a hamster would be a good first pet.  That led me to keeping the hamster until a transfer could be done for his birthday.  I fell in love with that hamster!

Since then, I have owned two hamsters of my own, and presently have one now.  First there was Hank.  I have many stories about Hank on this site.  Hank died a peaceful death.  I missed him, and decided to get another, Honey.  Honey was indeed a Honey of a hamster.  He was so “user friendly” but he fell into the hands of cancer and I helplessly stood by administering what I could in love and pain relief that the veterinarian prescribed.  About six weeks later, I just missed my little four ounces of life, and invested in Mr. Tipster.  I’ve had Tipster now for more than a year and he was already about four or five months old when I found him.  He is larger than my others hammies and he has a visible tail.

Recently I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 (that is a story all of its own) and my son-in-love introduced me to using my own photos for backgrounds on my desktop.  Gary started out an album for me and since then, I have tinkered with it and add pictures of both Hank and Honey.  The photos in slide show format  bring great pleasure!

These little bundles of energy are all hamsters with hamster personalities, but they are all different.  Hank was exceptionally tame.  Honey occasionally offered to bite me.  Mr. Tipster is exceptionally alert and loves to eat out of my hand.  They are all the same; yet they are different.  Just like all of God’s creation.  All of us pet lovers know that.

We are all the same; yet we are different.  Each of us has our very own DNA.  God does not love any individual differently.  After all, we all started from Adam and Eve!  Skin color, hair type, short, tall, medium, thin, chubby, blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes—all part of God’s unique design for us.  I am God’s workmanship so I should not complain about my lot in life.  Ephesians 2:10 lays out that fact of our individuality so well: “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”  I am designed to carry out the work of God.  You are too.  The Lord never intended for us to walk away from Him but He did give us that choice.  If you have never come to Christ, today is a good starting place.  Bow your head and heart to Him because He has some amazing plans for you. My hamsters would not get along without me.  Neither can I get along without God.  Neither can you.


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  1. Eph. 2:10 has become a favorite counseling verse. Great post, Karyl.

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