Police, Arrests, and Me!

Law and order has always been a challenge.  Whether it dates back to European days or further back to ancient days, human government was established post Noah’s flood.  Prior to that, God expected mankind to choose right and wrong according to his conscience.  Then later, Moses brought the Ten Commandments down from Mount Sinai and those guiding principles have helped establish laws and government in numerous nations including our own justice system.

The Latin term from which our word police is formed means civil administrator.  Civilizations around the world have some form of civil order in their cultures. Spread across our country, America, communities have some officers who patrol the community.  From quiet villages to noisy metropolises there is some form of law and order.  It is the right thing to do.

The electronic age of instant news has now manufactured the distribution what the news outlets hope to engender opinion.  The simple telling of facts now seems obsolete. The evening news has now become drama to a high degree and it is many time difficult to sort the facts into any sense at all.  Gone are the days of contemplation because things are fed to us so rapidly that there is little time to think.  The fast pace also produces anger and that anger is spreading as if it were a wild fire.

In my lifetime of a bit over seventy years, I have been stopped by a police officer while I was driving a total of six times.  On two of those occasions, I did pay a fine for my law breaking.  It was nothing serious but the “law is the law” and one must pay the consequences.  I now am much better about latching the safety belt when I get into a vehicle.  On those stops, I courteously pulled to the side of the street and waited for the officer to question me.  Usually before he approached my vehicle I had my driver’s license ready.  I replied with “Yes, Sir, No Sir, and Thank you Sir.”

You see, in almost every stop, I really didn’t know why I was being stopped.  I didn’t feel wicked and had no need to try to escape.  The fact is, the Bible explains in Proverbs 28:1 that “the wicked flee when no man pursueth. . .” so when I was stopped for an expired license tag, I had an easy explanation—“Oh, officer, it was raining the day I got the sticker and I didn’t put it on and then I just put it off and . .      .”  With a smile and shake of his head, he took the sticker, put it on my tag, and reminded me to not do that again.  No ticket.

Those who have done wrong and know they have done wrong seem to be the ones who are getting into trouble.  Pointing a firearm at a cop is just not the right thing to do!  Face it.  It is just not right.  Resisting arrest is going to result in further consequences.

Oh that people would read the Word of God, or at least listen to the Word of God and “esteem others better than themselves,” so many interpersonal problems would be resolved or never begun.


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