Monthly Archives: August, 2016

The Glenn Cunningham Story

I took four different articles or stories and combined them into story form about this former Olympian long distance runner.  The news touts Bolt as the fastest man but I want to correct that:  he is the fastest sprinter.  I just happen to admire long distance runners, including my son who runs as a means …


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Bow the Knee

The only person I have ever heard sing this is by Kirk Talley.  Since he is from East Tennesee and I lived there for many years, I am more familiar with him and the Telley Trio.  The words are powerful and Kirk does a wonderful, controlled job of recording it.  Words in bold is my …

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I Want to be Somebody!

Sometimes I plod through the book of Numbers.  It can be a challenging book to absorb.  Then there are days when I can’t stop reading it!  Chapter 15 begins a narrative that is interesting but not absorbing; the narrative spills into chapter 16 which takes on more interest.  This is not dry listing of laws …

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The Sin Factor 2

A reader suggested this song to go along with the piece I posted earlier today.  It is an excellent support to the once and done sacrifice of Jesus. I hope this works, I am doing something new today.

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The Sin Factor

In June I completed the reading of the entire Bible and started over again for one cannot possibly absorb enough of the Word of God.  Every reading of it should be fresh and most of the time for me, that is true.  The Word of God is a living thing.  We know that by verification …

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The House of Winslow Books 1-8

The prolific historical fiction writer of this forty-book series is a favorite of mine.  Regardless of what era of American history Gilbert Morris writes, he writes well-researched material and well-developed characters who live in interesting and inspiring plots.  Sometimes, in fact, the development of his character almost borders on too many features! Morris started this …

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