Monthly Archives: September, 2016

Popcorn Dance

Microwave popcorn is super easy to store, make, and something I tend to take for granted. This afternoon, I saw a joyful little granddaughter just laughing and giggling as she stood in front of the microwave and watched a bag of microwave popcorn popping.  She was absolutely delighted so I stood behind her to see …


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Grilled Cheese

A grilled cheese sandwich sits before me. Have you ever noticed that one will find grilled cheese on the children’s menu.  What?  Adults like them too.  Last week I noticed on the Great Food Truck Race which currently airing on Foodnetwork has a food truck dedicated to all varieties of grilled cheese!  On the side …

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Wild Violets

Today the fellows from the lawn care company that sprays my lawn arrived.  Once again, they applied fertilizer and weed control.  The note on my bill they left at the door included this hand-written statement:  “. . .you do have a lot of wild violets and it may take multiple applications to completely clean them …

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Gate, Gates, and More Gates

When I moved to this house a few years ago, the yard had a gate.  It was an odd thing because only the back yard had a fence and that not on all sides.  That gate didn’t really close anything in or out. In a year or so, I thought it was a bother and …

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Me, Colin, and the Constitution

Colin Kaepernick and I have never met, although we have some things in common.  He is an NFL quarterback  and I am an NFL unsigned free agent.  We share many of the same physical attributes.  (See … Source: Me, Colin, and the Constitution

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Memorial Day to Labor Day

The two holidays of Memorial Day to Labor Day mark summer for most of us.  I feel sorry for the children who now start school in the sweltering heat of August; in fact, I feel sorry for the teachers too.  Just when tomato canning is in full swing, school starts now. For my little family …

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