Popcorn Dance

Microwave popcorn is super easy to store, make, and something I tend to take for granted. This afternoon, I saw a joyful little granddaughter just laughing and giggling as she stood in front of the microwave and watched a bag of microwave popcorn popping.  She was absolutely delighted so I stood behind her to see what was tickling her funny bone.

I buy the single serving size bags and it is plenty for me.  Have I ever taken the time to see what goes on in the microwave?  Of course not.  Well, the smaller size bag jumps around in the big microwave!  The popping kernels actually make the whole bag jump. Sometimes the whole bag lifts off the floor of the microwave.

Since I made a bag for Kamryn and a bag for myself, she actually had a double feature!  The second bag she took care of from start to finish so now she knows how to do it herself.  It is cheap entertainment too.

Since her laughter and joy was infectious, it lent me some joy along with her.  I’ve been thinking since observing that our Christian joy should be spread around like that. Allow the simple things of life to bring joy.  It didn’t cost anything.  Nehemiah told those who had struggled along with him to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem after sitting in rubble for seventy years, “Neither be ye sorry for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”  (8:10)

Bubble over with laughter even if it is watching a bag of popcorn dance around inside the microwave.


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