Is There Not a Cause?

2004 is not all that long ago. I recall the manufactured “scandal” by Dan Rather and CBS over George W. Bush’s military records. That broke in September before his re-election to a second term. These major networks, for some reason are in the pockets of the Democrats. I suppose it is the work of Satan to strike down any good work that people can accomplish in America, don’t you think? That is why today I ask the same question that David asked in I Samuel 17:29.  The cause today is that same as it was then:  to prove that there is a God who who need the glory for victories. It is God’s name that needs to be upheld.

When Milton penned “Paradise Lost” he poetically but firmly relates the idea that Satan targets those whom God loves the most, His children and the holiness they can create by living righteously in the world. Put on your armor today because we are in spiritual warfare and you must never take it for granted that we have guaranteed freedoms outside of the Word of God. Yes, we have a Constitution for which we can battle and we should be battling for it. However, it is my strong opinion that as we battle for the Constitution outside of the parameters of desire to bring glory to God’s might, we are amiss.

When David stood before Goliath, it was not for David’s glory, it is was the Lord’s name to be magnified. In I Samuel 17:45-46 we find the recorded words of David to Goliath and he ends his statement with “that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.” I challenge you to keep that in mind as you pray for America. Do we just want things better for ourselves, or do we want all the earth to know that God still reigns?




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