If you have followed this blog for very long, you know that not only did I grow up on an old-fashioned farm with chickens, cows, horses, ducks, geese, pigs, dogs and numerous barn cats, I also have no regrets for being an old-fashioned farm girl.  I should be over 100 years old because I also attended school at a one-room schoolhouse with eight grades in the same room and one teacher.

In the school yard our playground equipment was two teeter totters, as we called them, two swings, a woodshed over which we played “Annie Annie Over” and behind the woodshed was a softball field.   Oh, and for descriptive purposes, in each corner of the yard stood an outhouse. We had a common water bucket and common water dipper from which we all drank.  That’s why we all had the chicken pox at the same time!

All of that aside, when our enrollment dwindled to 13 students, the county closed our school and I now had to get on a big yellow school bus and ride for about an hour through the countryside on our way to the large school in town.  That is where I first played tether ball. Although I have always been height challenged, for some reason, I was a fairly good player.  That ball could fly no further than the rope allowed it to fly.  When the rope was wrapped around the pole, the game was over, and we started all over again.

Oh, that our hearts, my heart, might be tethered closely to Jesus and His Word that we will never fly outside of his will.  We are always in His sight; it is we who tend to walk away from the court and play other games.  Let us ask Jesus to tether our hearts to His.


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