Fun and Games

For more than a week now I have had a notion swirling around in my head.  As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I usually organize some games for the day to entertain my grandchildren.  It started several seasons ago with an essay contest and has kept going each year. There are no electronics required; in fact, electronics are highly discouraged.

As the youngest child keeps getting older and more able to participate in more mature games, this year I have gathered some word searches and spelling games.  Kamryn (6 years old) and I gave one game a trial run last week.  Today I am going to use a modified version of the game at the retirement home I visit each week.

“This Thanksgiving. . .” is a modified version of the memory game, “I am going on vacation. . .” or making alphabet soup.  Moving from A to Z we will compile a list of things for which we are thankful.  For instance, A on my list has angels.  It could be apples too.  I think you see how it works.  When Kamryn and I played it, we used it as a memory chain.

When Kamryn and I played it, the list was a pleasant mixture of material and spiritual things.  We did not strive for all of one or the other.  Let’s be clear:  Kleenex is a valid item for which we can be thankful! (As I am posting this after my visit to Hickory Creek, I can tell you that U stood for underwear!)

Try it.  Try it just for yourself, or get someone to join you.  You will be pleasantly pleased with the result.



  1. I love this, Karyl. Great ideas.

    • Thanks. I love car games! Now that I don’t haul grandkids, and my own children for that matter, places, I adjust the games to “down” times. It keeps the kids away from electronics and really having fun the old fashioned way.

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