Playing Dominoes

I spent Thanksgiving out of town.  It was only about an hour away but I spent two nights away.  It was a sweet Thanksgiving without stress or struggle.  Katie and I ate Cornish hens instead of turkey.  No fussing about but special.  About three or four years ago, Katie and I took a trip to Tennessee to meet with my daughter and family at a cabin in the Smokey Mountains.

At that time, I took along some games for us to play with the grandchildren.  I grew up playing dominoes and still have the set that once belonged to my father.  It is antique so it is very special.  No television meant playing cards, dominoes, checkers, and reading the comic strips in the Sunday paper.  I learned on that trip that Katie did not know how to play dominoes.  So, I took my modern set with me to her house. Katie and I are friends from over 30 years and both retired teachers.  She lives on a 40-acre wooded place with a creek; she writes books in which the main characters are cats, and she is owned by three felines, one of which is the “star” of *Yellow Cat Tales.

Now, Katie plays dominoes and plays well.  We played “first man out” while she learned, then started taking score and using some strategy.  We just had fun and neither of us is a boastful winner or a sore loser.  One game we just kept going until every domino was used.

In the modern sets, the numbers have representative colors which makes it much more difficult to cheat.  My father would cheat with the old black and white set because I was, as a child, not observant enough and an eight spot was close enough to a nine.  My mother would walk by and see him cheating and give him a whack and scold him for cheating with a child!  She was right.  Dad would just grin.  It did teach me to be more observant.

Close enough is not good enough.  Neither is it right for the Christian walk.  Yet, I can say, I see CINOs far too often.  A CINO is a Christian in Name Only.  Let’s not do that.  Let’s not cut corners.  Let’s not pretend that God is deaf and blind.  Let’s walk the talk.  Just as in dominoes, the spots need to match.


*You can find the books:  Yellow Cat Tales, or Inspirational Cat Tales by typing in the title, or author name which is Kay Gibson.  I am unashamedly promoting her work.  There is another book on the way sometime this year.  The books are printed in a 16-point font for easy reading.



  1. You need to learn Mexican Train, if you don’t already know it. Loads of fun for both kids and adults.

    • I don’t have the game, but my grandson does. I needed to get Katie going on the basic game first. Mexican Train is a big deal at the senior center!

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