Remnants of Christmas

Here it is approaching noon and I am still in my night wear.  A cup of coffee sits before me.  I had cookies for breakfast.  It was a busy day yesterday.  It keeps a person busy opening gifts, preparing food, visiting with loved ones, and playing games! I enjoyed all of it, even washing dishes.  Today I am tired but it is a good kind of tired.

Today I am cleaning up my house of the remnants of Christmas.  Putting away gifts, picking up bits of wrapping paper, folding gift bags for next year’s use and eating miscellaneous, delicious cookies.  My lunch will be a turkey sandwich.  Why not? The day after a holiday is usually like that.  After the Fourth of July, for instance, we walk around the yard picking up remnants of bottle rockets and fire crackers.  We eat leftover potato salad.

Yesterday we celebrated the birth of Christ.  Today we celebrate his life-giving Word.  Today we endeavor to love Jesus a little more than we did even yesterday as we celebrated the time of His birth.  Living for Jesus is a 24/7/365 project or at least it should be.  Paul challenged Timothy to be faithful “. . .instant in season, out of season. . .” (II Timothy 4:2)

As I walk in the presence of the Good Shepherd, I’ll endeavor to be experiencing the joy of the Lord and to be serving Him heartily throughout the next 364 days.

How about you?


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