No man cared for my soul

David, the chosen King of united Israel is in despair.  While he had been chosen to be king, he was far from sitting on a throne in a royal palace.  He was sitting in a cave.  That lonely cry of despair is found in Psalm 142.  David said that he looked to his right, then all around him, and finally he understood–there was no refuge.  Imagine the fear and despair of such loneliness.  It was a low, low time in his life.

Fortunately, for us, he recorded his words and they are found to be a refuge for us when we hit the depths of despair.  There they are for us to consume when we feel unloved and even persecuted.  The words of the Psalmist bring hope and even peacefulness because at the end of his song, David asks of the Lord to bring him out of his trouble.  “Deliver me” he cries.  Why?  “. . .that I might praise Thy name.”

Today I stood in the cold at the bus stop.  I waited.  I waited some more.  Then finally after twenty minutes, I turned and walked back home.  It was the first time since my car quit on me that I was really discouraged.  Once home, I logged on to the bus route site only to find that no buses are running this week.  Not one single bus.  If they ran a notice about the decision not to run buses this week, I didn’t see it.  I felt left out.  For just a very short while, maybe ten minutes, I felt that no one really cared if I could get to the drug store for my medicine.  Who cared for my soul?

Of course, my daughter cared.  She rescued me and we even shopped at other stores this afternoon.  Yet, still, the phrase echoes in my heart.  How many people sit somewhere tonight and feel the depths of rejection.  They think that no one cares about them.  If only someone will knock on their door and give them hope in Christ and show them the wonderful peace that comes from knowing God’s Word.

We must reach those folks who are on the brink of giving up.  They will turn to liquor, or drugs for solace.  Some even seek revenge with a weapon on an unsuspecting person.  The homicide rate is up all over the nation. Can I just sit by and let that happen?  At the very least, I can pray because God knows where that person or persons are right now. I can pray that they find hope.

They CAN know that someone cares for their soul. The Lord can send someone in my place.  It might be you.



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  1. Thought-provoking. Also made me thankful for family and friends. Good one, Karyl.

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