This and That, Here and There, 600 Words

I very seldom publish the day I write something.  I usually give it the 24-hour test and cold edit.  Not so this time.  This is probably a potential four-blog post rolled into one and none of them fully developed.  Venting, maybe?  Certainly random thoughts!

Noah.  This week I planned a one-time lesson on Noah.  Noah the man, not Noah and the Flood.  I serve two groups per week with Bible study or devotional material.  Group one is at the local Active Adult Center and the participants are very cognitive so I go deep with them.  Group two is at a nursing home where I serve a variety of dementia bearing folks.  A small fraction of the participants is fairly cognitive and are either recovering from a hospital stay or have other physical problem that require 24-hour care.  I had group two this morning.  I was not sure how I was going to approach this group because they can’t take very many details.  Oh, how sweet the Holy Spirit served me and them.  It was my plan to bring in the fact that the Flood was a period of God’s judgment but how to do that with group two I was not confident.  Then it came right out of my mouth, and heart, as I was teaching that we all face hardships and judgments that are part of our culture.  Drought, for instance, affects the whole area.  God does not rain on just the gardens of the righteous.  But the righteous survive just as Noah survived the Flood.  If the economy tanks, the righteous carry the same money in their accounts as the unrighteous, sometimes less.  But God sees that they survive.

Brownies: You may have heard or read the story about the father who denied his teens to spend time with other teens at the movies.  He did not approve.  The teens complained that it was “just a little violence, just a little language,” etc. so the father made a point by making them brownies with just a “little” dog feces in them.  Yuk!   The illustration goes another direction from the story’s application.  It is the little slip of the tongue in words akin to cussing, or a little moment of questionable music within hearing of a weaker brother, or just an article of clothing that is a bit too clingy, and what have we done?  We have put dog poo in our testimony.  The world watches us more carefully than we can ever imagine.

Politics:  I met a new resident at the nursing home today.  I’d guess him to be about 75 years old.  His dementia made him a challenging conversationalist.  The television was playing and the news is full of inauguration stories.  I dared to approach the subject and did I ever get an earful!  Here is a man advanced in years who hates our in-coming President and called him all manner of evil names!  Lack of civility in political exchange is nothing new, is it?  Thinking back on it, lack of civility probably died in the Garden of Eden.

Public Transportation:  My failing eyesight and then having a cranky car coupled has put me to riding public transportation.  There are so many interesting people who ride the bus—I am finding it an adventure all its own.  It is also a mission field.  Today as the bus wound its way through a neighborhood I thought I’d count houses and then multiply houses by a supposed number of occupants as four.  You know what?  The harvest fields are white unto harvest.  Pews are warmed on Sunday mornings, but shoe leather needs to tread those neighborhoods because people are not coming to church to find Jesus, Christians must take Jesus to them. Churches are getting apathetic while souls are falling into eternal darkness.

Just a few random thoughts.



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