Snowfalls and Snowflakes

This morning big, fluffy snowflakes were falling outside.  I really don’t mind that kind of snow.  It is pretty, it covers the dingy colored landscape, and is even fairly easy to walk in.  I recall a wonderful date I had in college with a fellow when we went for a long walk, I do mean LONG, in one of those fluffy snowfalls.  For information, I attended a college in Minnesota.  Snowfalls were not foreign to either of us.

The accumulation of those fluffy snowflakes means work.  Shoveling or sweeping them off the porch is sometimes challenging and time consuming.  In spite of the effort, when the driveway is clear and the walkways are open, I like to see the paths that have been carved out of a ten-inch snowfall.

A term that has generated in the last election cycle is somewhat troubling. Rising from mostly news commentary is a term, “snowflakes” that refers to a segment of the population that tends to feel entitled.  They also are demanding.  They demand that there be “safe spaces” from criticism.  Safe places where only certain language can be used and free speech is squelched.  To me, the description makes me envision a toddler in a tantrum.  Even if left alone to sulk it out, they refuse to be appeased.  They are snowflakes:  fragile little things that melt at the touch of a 98.6 degree body. If we are not always politically correct, they will just melt into a puddle.  This is simple craziness.

Now, I can be direct and hard-nosed about treating tantrums.  A person having a hissy fit over a small infraction will get nothing from me, and nothing for a LONG time. But, while we should hold firm to principle values, we also need to follow the principle found in Ephesians 4:15.  That verse, which is a division of a long sentence that begins in verse 10 is instruction from Paul to the Ephesian church on how to conduct themselves when the winds of deceit blow.  Verse 14 indicates that those who were being deceived by false doctrine were acting like children instead of maturing Believers.  Paul uses the connector, but to show contrast.  Believers who are more mature should speak the truth, but speak it in love.  Truth is firm.  We must be firm in what we believe, but at the same time, speak it in love.

Let’s do that. If we don’t we will be wading through puddles created by melting snowflakes.



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