A Conversation

Since I gave up driving of my own accord before I hurt someone due to my poor vision, I use either the Senior Services transportation or our local public transportation. There are two things I have observed:  conversation is sometimes initiated by me rather than by the drivers or other passengers.  The other thing is that in an effort to be an interesting conversationalist, I keep up with current events around the community and, of course, the nation and world.  The conversation can start with, “Did you hear. . .” and then usually takes a course of its own.

In the news recently we heard about Iran’s testing of ICBMs and I wanted to know more.  Testing my new-found topic of interest, I brought it up in conversation.  I opened a wonderful conversation in that I happened to have a driver who had served in the U.S. Navy during the 1980’s, He was very well versed in the subject.  Out of interest to his response I asked him where he was stationed.  He became awkwardly quiet.  He gave me the name of someplace in Alaska then said, I can’t say much more on that.  I really don’t want to go to Leavenworth.  After all these years, he is still carrying classified information.  Wow!

Still thinking back to that conversation, I am ever so glad that the Word of God is not classified information.  Yet, there are cities that pass ordinances that restrict the flow of conversations around the Word of God.  Schools can’t use public prayer in many locations and teachers snatch Bibles away from their students as if it were a dangerous book.  From time to time I hear about suspensions given to students or teachers who stand for the Word of God.

The Bible is not a dangerous book.  It is a book of life and the source of instruction for holy living.  At least right now, no one is going to haul me away for sharing the Way, the Truth, and the Life found in Christ.  May I, and you too, be fearless about sharing God’s Powerful Word.



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