Locked Out

The weather was a pleasant and sunny day.  For that reason, I decided to take a few things out to my storage shed.  I also strayed from my intended job to pick up some fallen branches and sticks in the yard. To my delight, I also inspected some plants growing in the flower beds already.  Upon entering the back door, well, I didn’t.  The door locked behind me when I left, or so it seemed, and of course, the front door was deliberately locked.

My cell phone is inside, of course.  I have such nice neighbors!  I went next door to borrow the phone to call my daughter.  She has an extra key to my front door and lives less than a mile away.  Fortunately, my grandson came with a key.  I then discovered that the back door was stuck, not locked.  A little WD-40 corrected the problem.  My friends tell me that I should hide a key outside so that doesn’t happen again.

A day is coming when I will joyfully enter Heaven’s gate.  It will not be locked and there I will be reunited with family and friends who have entered ahead of me.  No, I will not be locked out.  Jesus said, “I am the Door, by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.”  Jesus paid it all for your entrance.  There are not enough good things you can do to purchase entry.  Put your faith and trust in Jesus; He is the door.

That is one key I will not hide from you.  Jesus is the only way.  In the same chapter 10 of John, Jesus also said of Himself, “I am the Good Shepherd. . .” and I daily walk in His presence.




  1. Beautifully written, Karyl.

    • Thank you, Linda. I struggled with this one. Three times and still I did not like it because the percentage of passive voice. Yet, it seemed right. So I stopped trying to get more active voice and went with it! After all is done, it is better to publish it than not publish such an important message at all.

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