Recovery Mode

Almost everything I know about document processing has been learned by trial and error.  Back in 1997, my son-in-law introduced me to my first computer.  He built it out of odds and ends of computers that had been dumped on his dad, and gave me a starter kit, so to speak.  It was Windows 3.1 when the icons were actually on little window panes on the monitor. I paid a whole $150 for the starter and I do think I bought a new printer for my “new” operation.  All I had to learn on was what Gary taught me verbally and a big yellow book called, Windows 3.1 for Dummies.  I studied that book during my lunch breaks and carried it with me to read whenever I could slip in a few minutes.  It was my computer knowledge lifeline.

My main goal was to learn document processing and the big yellow book was my guide.  Now, twenty years later I am operating via Window 10 and there is a self-built guide on our operating system.  I still rely heavily on Gary when something goes whacky though. This morning, I was merrily writing a letter to one of my grandchildren who lives far away and a flash and a clap of thunder swallowed my document.  The house went dark momentarily.  When I rebooted the system in a few minutes and opened my document file, there it was, asking if I wanted to recover. Ah, yes. It was nice to not have to do it all over.

The Windows 3.1 for Dummies is a simile for the first little Bible we give our children. Then as we mature in our Christian walk, we move up to a Bible with notes and a nice big concordance.  Along the way, I added some Greek study to my repertoire and my computer has a version of e-sword.  If you are a Bible scholar, consider loading e-sword onto your system.  I find it very valuable.

The main thing is that when a bolt of lightning from the world, flesh, or devil strikes, we can recover.  We do not need to remain in darkness and despair.  We are temporarily stopped, but able to reboot.  My good Shepherd will never leave me lying lifeless in the grass. Darkness need not cover me for my good Shepherd is also the Light of the world.



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