The Piano Tuner

A fine gentleman in my church is a piano tuner.  I am not exactly sure how piano tuning works although I do play the piano for my own amazement.  If the piano were only dreadfully out of tune would I know it.  Chris also plays the piano and on occasion blesses us with music during the offering time.

About two weeks ago now I heard an odd sound between services and thought perhaps a child had stopped by the piano unnoticed until he plunked out a few notes one at a time.  When I glanced over to the piano to see whose child had strayed, to my surprise, it was the piano tuner.  He was doing a little adjusting to put the piano in perfect tune.  Most people did not even notice him.

Later, to my amusement, he also was the one playing during the offering.  He was doing the church a favor as well as making the piano sound the best it could.  It reminded me of the verse in Colossians 3 that tells us to do everything we do with the goal of honoring the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Colossians 3:17)

I was blessed even between services that Sunday.  The fact is, I could not tell you what the Sunday School lesson was about but I sure do remember that small interval of time when Chis stepped forward nearly unnoticed to fine tune our musical instrument for the next service.  Can we do that?  Unobtrusively encourage people to be better?  It is a skill few people possess.  Just the same as a piano tuner possesses a skill few people have.  Do it.  Look for the little places to fine tune.  You will find them.  Then sweetly go about your job of making things better.



  1. Another good one. You are so good at finding the spiritual application in every-day life.

    • Believe me, sometimes I sit down to the keyboard intending one thing and another types out. It is God’s plan, not mine! This one was exactly that way. Blessed Holy Spirit.

      • I know just what you mean. It’s always exciting to me to have a plan, and then to have it turn out to be entirely different than my original intent.

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