Fifty-Six Years


Take a stroll with me.  We will meander on a street called Memory Lane.

That first car of mine, a 1951 Studebaker, was not a beauty by any stretch of the imagination.  It cost me ninety dollars back in 1961 when I was working at the local A & W root beer stand as a car hop.  My dad took care of the oil changes and tires and I simply put gas in the tank and drove it back and forth to work and church.  Other assorted vehicles have transported me places through the 56 years of car ownership.  None of them has been so dear to me as the car I said good bye to today. I signed the title over to someone who will probably drive it another 40.000 miles or so before investing in a sporty thing he will be exceptionally proud of just as I was proud of the little Volkswagen bug I once owned. Although my husband hated the little thing, he married me.  It was marry me, marry my car!

Today as I saw my once nearly new Mercury Mystique pull away, it all tumbled down in my mind that with each car, and each mile I’ve driven in these past 56 years has been a journey that attests to the song, “Jesus Led Me All the Way.”  I’ll end this piece with the words to that song or give you the place to hear it.
In my many years of driving, I had three accidents.  One was my fault on ice covered roads and did not involve another car, fortunately.  No injuries occurred in any of the accidents.  I did accumulate two traffic tickets for which I paid a fine.  One for going through a newly erected stop sign and the other a seat belt violation. In all those years, I experienced only two flat tires!  One was on the road, and the other in the church parking lot. I had the bad habit of thinking I could go just a little farther before getting gas and ran out of gas innumerable times.

The car I just sold has been my favorite and there was no mistake that God led me to this car.  I drove it for 16 years!  I would have repaired this last failure on its part, but the eye doctor really wanted me to stop driving altogether.   Now, those words to the song:

*Verse 1:  Someday life’s journey will be o’er, and I will reach that distant shore, I’ll sing while entering Heaven’s door:  Jesus led me all the way.

Refrain:  Jesus led me all the way, led me step by step each day, I will tell the saints and angels as I lay my burden down, Jesus led me all the way.

Verse 2:  If God should let me there review, the winding paths of life I knew, it would be proven clear and true, Jesus led me all the way.


Verse 3:  And hitherto my Lord has led, Today He guides each step I tread, and soon in Heaven it will be said that Jesus led me all the way.

Repeat refrain.  Here’s the link to You Tube song by the 1960’s group, the Sixteen Singing Men, recorded on vinyl!

I am walking (and riding transportation public and private) in the Shepherd’s Presence. Where He leads, I will follow. Jesus will provide a way.

Thank you, reader, for joining me on this trip down Memory Lane.


*Words to the song from Singspiration Music, Favorites 4, Copyright 1954 Words and melody by John W. Peterson.






  1. Enjoyed the ride.

  2. Love the memories, love the song. Used to sing it with a trio here in PA, many years ago.

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