Easter and jellybeans seem to go hand in hand.  While I no longer have baskets to fill, still, I buy jellybeans.  Why?  I like them.  Most jellybeans are a mere ten calories each and eaten in moderation give just that little sweetness for which I yearn.  This year I bought two bags of the fascinating treats and since they were a brand I usually like, I did not notice one thing:  the bags included black jellybeans.  I don’t care for the licorice taste.  The red ones are my favorite flavor.  Just pop in a red jelly bean and let the coating slowly melt on the tongue, then lastly, devour the jelly part last.

I eat my jellybeans one color at a time.  Never do I reach into the candy dish and just grab whatever comes into my hand.   You guessed it, usually the last ones in the dish are the licorice flavored beans.  This year, however, I left myself four red jellybeans for the last morsels to consume.  That was yesterday.

Predictably, the consumption of my seasonal candy is much like my Bible reading.  I choose and plan how to read my Bible through every few months.  Never have I read it Genesis to Revelation straight through.  On the other hand, neither do I read it randomly a little here and a little there.

The tried and true motto is “Plan your work; work your plan.”  That goes for just about everything.  If I did not ride my bike in a planned way, it would gather dust.  If I did not plan to make my bed, I would be sleeping in a tangled mess of sheets and blankets and wonder why I am restless.  So, I eat my jellybeans according to a plan leaving the choicest morsels until the last.  Eat a few of the licorice beans now and then to get them out of the way.  Read Numbers, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon sandwiched between the delectable readings of Psalms, John, and I Samuel.

As you might guess, I also have a handy chart on which to put a slash mark through each chapter read so I can see my progress, and at the same time, not leave something out unintentionally.

Do you have a favorite flavor of jellybean?  Do you have a favorite book of the Bible?    Talk to me.


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