A Little of This; A Dab of That

Last was a week of interest.  As a result of meanderings last week, I present a few scattered thoughts.

The week started Sunday after church when a charming, good looking grandson picked me up along with his girlfriend and took me to lunch at an oriental food place.  Good food and good company.  His work scholarship job could begin this summer and that is exactly what he is doing so he left for Pensacola Christian College on Friday.  Christmas seems as if it is a long way off, and it is his first college experience.  You would do him and me a favor if you stopped right now and whispered a prayer for him.

The landscaping project that started last summer continues into this summer and I am making slow but steady progress.  I am thankful for patient neighbors who don’t seem to care about the barren spots.  I promise them it will look much fuller and prettier next summer.  To make something better, sometimes we must tear it apart.  God does that with our lives from time to time too.

My long-time friend came an hour trip to see me and take me to lunch this week.  We enjoy a close friendship.  It is the kind that when we get together, sometimes months apart, we resume our conversation as if there had been no interval of space.  She graciously took me some places that the bus does not go, and one of them was a new store with a wonderful garden section.  Yes, I brought home a plant.  We both agreed that a weed is just a plant that is out of place.

Psalm 46 would not leave me, but I wanted to start a three-week series of devotionals on Moses at my local Active Adult Center.  So, I finally decided that the word refuge and refugee describes the Hebrews in Egypt.  It worked together beautifully.  Thinking on it, we are all just refugees in this world.  It is not my home.  I’m just passing through.

On Friday Kamryn and I spent the entire day and night together.  There is nothing quite like spending an extended period with a seven-year old.  We rode the bus to find shopping, played word games while we waited places, found bubbles for outside play, and had 24 hours of no electronics or movies. We did attempt to watch a television show in bed, but we both fell asleep.  Yes, it was tiring for this old body of mine, but how I want to savor her company and not just simply set her aside to entertain herself with some gadget or gizmo.  I enjoy every arrow in my grandmother quiver.

Wrap:  as the title states, this is just a little of this and a dab of that but put together made a wonderful week.  My week also included favorable results from bloodwork.  The coming week includes a visit to the retinaologist.  Miracles abound all around me and I bet, they are around your life too.  You may think it is ordinary, but really, it is full of extraordinary happenings when viewed from God’s prospective.


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