An Ax to Grind

Why, I ask, after listening to the press briefing with Sean Spicer today, why does the press act as if Otto Warmbier has been treated as if murdered?  No one, but several reporters, tried to get Spicer to say something that he was not about to say.

So, I’ll say my opinion.  I did some research.  Otto Warmbier was no dummy.  He graduated second highest in his high school class.  He was a junior at the University of Virginia.  But, alas, book learning and common sense do not walk hand in hand.  Where he received his money for foreign travels is unknown to me, but I presuppose that he may have been using college money for adventure.

He fell for an advertisement in China for ten-day trips to North Korea.  The line in the brochure said, “Take the trip your parents don’t want you to take.”  So, he took the ten-day trip to the forbidden land of North Korea anyhow.  He launched the trip from China.

Whether he took the poster he was accused of taking and then misusing it is not certain.  Do Communist countries tell the truth?  They have no conscience that is guided by any moral principles.  The country has a reputation for disregarding human rights.  Warmbier put himself in danger.  He suffered the consequences.

In America, he would have been deported with a slap on the wrist.  Maybe.  He would not have been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor.  That is one thing I know for sure.  Americans burn our flag and get away with it, after all.  We hold dear freedom of speech.  Communists do not care about such things. Surly Warmbier knew he was taking a serious risk to even visit North Korea. He was not only American, he was a Jewish American.  Communists hate both.

As we sow, we shall reap.  The Bible teachers that principle.  Even if it were not in the Bible, where I plant sunflower seeds, I do expect sunflowers to grow.  It is common sense. I do not expect orchids.  The fact that the Apostle Paul taught about sowing and reaping makes it even more powerful.  Taken in context with verse7 (Galatians 6) it teaches us that God is not mocked.  Verse 8 drives the truth home: “For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”

While I do not intend to speak evil of the dead, I must say, I think some sowing and reaping has taken place.  Let’s all learn from it.

Further, let’s be careful to teach our children and grandchildren to use common sense.  Not in the Bible, but there is the adage, “Some men go where angels fear to tread.”  Not me.  My daddy has been in Heaven since 1987 but so often I hear his words of admonition and if Daddy said, “Don’t go there. . .” I’d still obey!  Daddy didn’t rear a fool.



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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Sometimes it seems as if people believe that simply being an American will protect them from the laws of other countries. It won’t.

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