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A Woman of Courage (Book Review)

This 322-page book is written by one of my favorite authors, Wanda Brunstetter.  It is a 2014 copyright by Shiloh Run Press, an imprint of Barbour Books, Uhrichvbille, OH. Brunstetter is, in my opinion, the original Amish fiction writers.  She wrote Amish fiction before it was trendy.  Like her counterpart, Beverly Lewis, she writes with …

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America is too Young to Die

Here’s an excerpt from the “End of the Day” report that Gary L. Bauer e mails Monday through Fridays to my in box.  It is something to consider whether you are of either political persuasion.  Ask yourself, “Why?”  I have more to say at the end of the article. A Real Scandal Secretary of Defense …

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