Monthly Archives: August, 2017

Reoccurring Kittens

We all dream, right?  Sometimes dreams make sense and are something lingering in our subconscious mind, so I am told. Sometimes dreams turn into frightening scenes that awaken us in a drenching sweat.  Most of the time, our dreams are just plain silly. Last night I dreamed that our family had a cat that had …

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Write It When I’m Gone (book review)

Write It When I’m Gone:  Remarkable Off-the-record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford by Thomas M. DeFrank.  The edition I listened to was read by Scott Brick, a very good reader.  The book was unabridged and produced by Books On Tape on seven discs. I borrowed it from my local public library. The copyright year is …

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Mr. Tipster’s Long Sleep

The life of a hamster is rather short-lived.  A hamster owner should know from the very start that the relationship will be short so lavish all the love you can on your hammie while you can. On August 8th Mr. Tipster, my third hamster, was lively, ate from my hand and we had a delightful …

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