Because He Lives

This morning at our weekly sing time at our local senior center. we had the privilege of having a very accomplished piano player as a special treat.  She is accomplished, but plays only hymns, gospel songs, and patriotic music.  That suits me fine and I appreciate her stance on music. Marion is a solid rock Believer.

About three songs in we sang, “Something Beautiful” and the person sitting next to me mentioned that she loved the old song book hymns but she also was partial to Gaither songs.  I do too and nodded in agreement.  We sang some lively and some worshipful and some classics.  As usual, we end with the same song we sing each week.

As an after though, Marion asked us to sing one more.  My heart was already stirred by the words we had been singing, and now she added, “Because He Lives.”  The words struck my heart with a gripping sense of mixed emotions.  The verse that starts, “How sweet to hold a newborn baby. . .” grabbed at my heart like never before.  It’s been seven years since I held a newborn baby, my youngest granddaughter.  During that flashing moment of memory, tears spilled down my cheeks unbidden.  I couldn’t stop them.  Jesus has been my only hope for many years and I truly hope I have passed that hope on to my children and now my grandchildren.  Without the living Christ who conquered death and in the words of the song, “. . .as death gives way to victory, I’ll see the gates of Glory . . .”

Gloria Gaither did a wonderful thing when she penned those words.
Take a moment to listen to them, and silence all the motion around you letting the truth of them sink in. Because Jesus lives, I can face the uncertain future.  Take courage, my friend.

Here is the story of the song in Gloria Gaither’s own words.



  1. Well, thanks. Now I’m all choked up too 🙂

    • Aww, it’s good for us to be moved. When our spirit are not moved and stirred, we may as w ell be gone. I just loved the combination of hearing the story from Gloria Gaither and my own singing and stirring this morning. It’s been a sweet day.

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