Monthly Archives: November, 2017

Have both a Mary and Martha Christmas

This was first put on this site in 2012 and if I, the writer, needed to read it again, maybe you need it too.  Have a second look, or for new followers, maybe a first look.  For the men who follow this site, the message of these two women can certainly apply to many manly …

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One More Reason to Memorize Scripture

Almost every week on Thursday morning you will find me at a local nursing home.  At one time, my mother resided there and after she died, I just kept visiting there as they provided me a platform to hold an hour of time each week with the residents.  I use that time to sing, provide …

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Redeeming the Time

The semiannual time change is now affecting thousands of people and dogs all over our country in places where Daylight Savings Time is in place.  There are a few corners in our country that never change their clocks.  Smart people. On Saturday night I usually change only my alarm clock, and the cuckoo clock.  The …

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