Monthly Archives: December, 2017


On Christmas Day I didn’t really want to read according to plan.  I wanted to read something on Christmas, so instead, I turned once again to Philippians 2.  That piece of Scripture never fails to inspire me. How fitting it was to read one more time about the humbling of God in the person of Jesus. …


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Second Chance Christmas (book review)

Second Chance Christmas is a novella of fewer than 100 pages in length, by Ruth Logan Herne.  Zondervan, 2016 Copyright.  I found the book from a Facebook page called “Christian Book Finds” and it was a mere 99 cents.  I did not hesitate to download it to my e reader because that particular day, I …

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A Yellowed Newspaper Clipping

One of my daughters asked me for a punch recipe this morning.  It did not seem to be in my computer file, so I searched for it in an old photo album I had turned into a cookbook of sorts.  You know, it is back when the photo albums came with those magnetic pages.  Along …

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While I wait. . .

Yesterday I had the experience, once again, of having an eye exam and injections into each eye of a clotting agent to abate the bleeders in my eyes that distort my vision.  Yes, I always arrive with a certain amount of apprehension which I usually try to hide from the doctor because I really do …

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