Second Chance Christmas (book review)

Second Chance Christmas is a novella of fewer than 100 pages in length, by Ruth Logan Herne.  Zondervan, 2016 Copyright.  I found the book from a Facebook page called “Christian Book Finds” and it was a mere 99 cents.  I did not hesitate to download it to my e reader because that particular day, I was looking for a Christmas book that also might be a short weekend read.  It more than filled the bill!
Second Chance is a town in South Dakota and the year of this little historical romance is 1890.  Seldom does a book hook me on the first page, but this one did. As I ventured into the plot I found something that I often look for but do not find—the absence of a villain.  The antagonist in this book is inner conflict on the parts of both leading characters.  The plot holds interest and a bit of merry suspense as well. The fact is, the book made me curious about book three in this series entitled, Second Chance Love, which I also recommend.  It, however, does not have a Christmas theme.

Since there are still a few days before Christmas, go to if you have a Kindle or e reader with the Kindle app, and download it now, and according to my Kindle’s guide, it will take you about 1 hour and 42 minutes to read.  It took me about three hours.  I read slowly. Here is a hint:  when you type in the title on the Amazon search bar, include Ruth Logan Herne.  Herne is a prolific writer with many pages to scroll through.  You will want to come back another time to look at more of her heartwarming books.

And, by the way, Merry Christmas!


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