Monthly Archives: April, 2018

Fake Cats, Fake News, Fake Faith

The nursing home where I visit weekly has a fake cat.  A woman had the cat sitting on the table in front of her while I stopped to visit with her for a few minutes.  Now this is quite a cat.  Obviously, it is battery operated and sensitive to touch.  It purrs with a very …


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Talking Books

I am so excited!  I received my player today for the forthcoming talking book selections.  For several years I have checked out audio books at my local public library.  I particularly liked to have them in my car when I took trips.  Music is fine, of course, but a steady diet of music is mind …

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A Birthday Doodle

My mother was born at home on April 16, 1919.  Her birthday sends an avalanche of birthday memories for some reason.  My father was also born at home, October 22, 1915.  It was common in the early 20th century to have home births. A doctor did attend my mother’s birth, but I am uncertain about …

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‘Twas a Sheep, not a Lamb

Starting in February, I decided to teach devotional thoughts from the two books of Peter.  After I read one of the gospels, I like to read either I and II Peter or the books of I, II, III John, and Jude.  It seems more relative to me that way.  You might want to try that …

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The Humble Potato, a mind doodle

It seems as if children no longer think of a French Fry as a potato.  Children hungrily, almost greedily, eat them alongside a burger.  The same potato, peeled and boiled is not a delight.  They may look into the bowl of boiled potatoes with question.  What is this?  They seem too lazy to mash them …

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Critical Thinking Skills and Social Media

To develop discernment, it is important for parents to question their children for reasons they behaved a particular way.  In addition, parents should not set out to “trap” the child into a confession but it is rather to give gentle but firm advice for future action.  Very few children are going to learn discernment all …

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