Fake Cats, Fake News, Fake Faith

The nursing home where I visit weekly has a fake cat.  A woman had the cat sitting on the table in front of her while I stopped to visit with her for a few minutes.  Now this is quite a cat.  Obviously, it is battery operated and sensitive to touch.  It purrs with a very realistic sound, it meows, swishes its tail, and moves its head.  I walked away from the table thinking the best thing about that cat was no litter box to clean!

The term, fake news, has become popular in the last few months.  It is usually easy to recognize but not always.  Occasionally I do a double take, pause, and then seek out the facts.  Most of the time, fake news is explosive commentary and not news at all.  I resist headlines that say someone dropped a bombshell.  It is a mere fire cracker in a headline to drive curiosity. When you read the story on line, the advertisers all grab your e mail and fill your in box full of junk ads.

Apostacy is fake faith. It is a form of fake news.  Beware of churches that use an ounce of truth in a ton of heresy.  The pulpits reek of flowery fluff that tickles the ears of the hearers.  The hearers leave feeling good about themselves.  The message is salve for a guilty conscience. Fake faith is a subtle turning from the truth. The followers eagerly turn to soft standards and fail to blush at the prevalent sins that surround us.   Paul warned Timothy in 1 Timothy 1:19-20 of what happened to Hymenaeus and Alexander when they turned from the faith and found themselves in shipwreck.  Ruined lives; perhaps ruined churches.

So, beware of the false things around you.  Fake cats, I suppose can bring comfort to a confused mind.  Fake news put out deliberately can destroy a career and a political stance.  Fake faith is the worst of the three.  It causes ruined lives.  Lives that could have been fruitful and productive for the sake of Christ become fruitless. The results are lives diluted by the love of the world and love of themselves. Such living brings only loss.

If you find yourself falling for fake faith, turn to Jesus for a faith-adjustment and run back to the ways mapped out for you in the Word of God.



  1. Kudos, Karyl. One of your best.

    • Thanks! That fake cat was on my mind all day so I sat down with a blank page and started to write. It just took shape on its own so I felt is was “meant to be.” I left it in the work tray overnight, did some editing this morning, and threw it out into cyberspace.

  2. Well said! I see a lot of “flowery and pleasing” especially when I look for greeting cards. “God made you extra special. You are wonderfully unique. He loves you just the way you are.” Etc. True in one sense, but it’s never God’s plan to build in us a huge ego. One speaker put it so well: “God loves me far too much to leave me just the way I am.”

    • Christine, you are so right. I especially appreciate your last sentence. I am amazed that God loves me so much that he bothers to shape me, but He does.

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