An Emotional Morning

Four years ago I felt up to traveling the long distance to Pensacola, Florida to see my oldest grandson graduate from high school. He graduated as part of the Pensacola Christian Academy Homeschool group.  This morning he graduated with a four-year degree in criminal justice from Pensacola Christian College.  Am I proud and happy?  You bettcha!

Today I attended the graduation by means of live streaming from the PCC website and had a much better view of him that I would have had in that large Crowne Center auditorium.  What I’ll miss is eating some cake and sharing in the laughter and relief of an up-close and personal attendance.  Lord willing, I WILL attend his coming wedding on June 2.  The trip isn’t quite as far as Florida.  I passed that milestone of my own college graduation in 1966 and marriage in 1969. While my life is on the landing runway, Kevin’s is taking first flight.  It is the cycle of life.

Dr. Dennis McBride delivered a simple charge to the graduates from 2 Thessalonians 2:12 “Walk Worthy.  The three-point outline was developed from Psalm 69:13, learn to walk on your knees; Psalm 35:13, learn to walk in humility; and Psalm 41:12, learn to walk in the imitation of Christ.  If those 997 graduates at PCC listened and heed those three simple things I believe there is hope for America. Other Christian colleges are turning out principled gradates too.

Congratulations to Kevin.  Soon you will also graduate from the police academy.  As you put on that uniform and badge, wear it humbly, wear it with grace that becomes a Christian, and I’ll be praying for your safety as you protect our streets.



  1. Congratulations!

  2. Wonderful milestones, Karyl. You have reason to celebrate 🙂 Hard to believe it’s already been four years! My own college graduation in 1969, and my wedding the next week, seem like current events 🙂

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