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Random thoughts on baseball and church

I posted this on Facebook, then thought, why not share it on my blog site too.  This is the unvarnished Karyl! No grammar check, no cold edit—just me. Journalist under pressure:  not me. I always struggle when the Braves play Cincinnati because I have a certain appreciation still for the Big Red Machine days under …


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The Cat-Killed Apple Tree

Call me busy this week so I am letting a guest do the work.  Author Tom Heck is so practical, a fellow Wisconsin citizen, and warm-fuzzies sort of writer.  I think you’ll enjoy this column in my absence. via The Cat-Killed Apple Tree  

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Have you ever fainted?  What brought it on?  There have been times I felt faint and quickly put my head down between my knees before I fully fainted—except once.  I didn’t even feel faint, but it happened.  I woke up a few minutes later on the floor of the ER and the attending doctor said, …

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A Flag Day Doodle

Elizabeth “Betsy” Ross did not have a fancy sewing machine.  In fact, she didn’t even have a simple treadle machine because the first American sewing machine was not invented until 1846.  The first flags she handstitched were for the American Navy because they needed flags to identify them.  She stitched together thirteen stripes (seven red, …

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Life on the Family Farm (book review)

Life on the Family Farm: Beneath an Open Heaven,  written by a dairy farmer in Wisconsin, Tom Heck, is authentic in every aspect.  It is 256 pages long and published by Life Sentence Publishing.  It is also available by Amazon Digital.  Copyright is 2014. I have already used some of these columns as a feature in …

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One Terrific and One Terrible–a two-in-one book review

It may not be fair but I was listening to one book and reading the other book on my Kindle.  I’d rather read at night than listen, but I prefer to listen while I am working at household chores.  Here is my opinion of the two books I recently consumed. Here Burns my Candle is …

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