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There is a book lying on my bedside table waiting to be read.  My Prison Without Bars, by Pete Rose, an American baseball player with records that are yet unbroken.  He has been passed up for a place in Cooperstown Hall of Fame because of his own failure in the morality market. In lieu of …


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My Reading World: three reviews

When a busy and influential man such as Joel Rosenberg asks “So, what are you reading?” I am intrigued.  That is exactly the question Rosenberg posed in his weblog today.  He asked for replies on his Facebook page and of course I obliged.  I am almost finished with A Life:  Reflections at Ninety, by former …

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Doodle De Do (a dab of this, a dab of that)

This is what happens when one topic won’t settle in my mind. Discernment. My friend over at Linda’s Bible Study wrote about discernment in her Sunday Morning Coffee weblog yesterday.  I’ve been cogitating on it since yesterday afternoon.  Knowing the right person to do the right job at the right time can be tricky. I …

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BC, AD, and BCE, CE

I am just three days short of finishing the reading of the Old Testament.  Since I usually read it in chronological order as much as possible, I usually end with Nehemiah. Reading the Bible chronologically helps the reader to capture the time line of history in a sensible, orderly way. Knowing that now that the …

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