The Roar of the Crowd

If you have been reading this weblog for very long, you already know that I love baseball.   The team I have followed since I was a ten-year old girl, the Atlanta Braves (then the Milwaukee Braves) happen to be in the season play-offs this year.  Now regular baseball is exciting to me, but post season is even better.

It just so happens that the game is in our hometown stadium tonight and the crowd is loud; it is roaring loud. Add to that a grand-slam homerun was just hit by a rookie Braves player.  The excitement of the crowd just came right over the radio waves!

It’s only the second inning.

ow, it happens that I was in the political crowd that wanted Judge Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court.  All of us in the same persuasion let out collective cheers last Saturday when the votes confirmed him.  We were not in a stadium but as you know, my imagination can get away from me!

Every time a person finishes radical surgery followed by extensive chemo therapy and comes out clean, collectively a whole team of medical caregivers, family, friends, and even neighbors give out whopping cheers. Prayer supporters give out vocal “Praise the Lord” and you will see many high fives happening.

In the parable of the lost sheep, Jesus said that there is rejoicing in Heaven over the one lost sheep now found that in the 99 sheep that were safe in the fold and there is joy in Heaven over that found sheep.  So, it is my understanding that in Heaven there is a grandstand of cheering when we win victories here on earth.  I imagine a roaring crowd!

The lonesome victories are those fought in the arenas of temptation.  No one cheers when a temptation to eat a big helping of dessert is overcome.  No one knows except the person facing the struggle to say, “No thanks.”   Passing up a sales rack when the budget will not allow even a small purchase can be challenging.  No roaring crowd is around.

So, let’s do this:  Use your imagination to hear a stadium of angels cheering you on as you round the bases in the grand slam  “No.”  You may say it quietly, courageously, but the stadium in Heaven is roaring.





  1. By the way, the Braves won 6-5 and it was an exciting game start to finish!

  2. kaygibson

    Good one

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  3. it would seem, from the noise they make, that the Left is bigger, more powerful, more influential than the Right. And they are the voices that have the Press, all forms of media, really, in their back pockets. Therefore, it would seem they are the majority. Add to that the education system, which hires left-leaning professors and denies Jesus Christ, often intimidating students who dare to stand for Him.

    Yet, the Right keeps scoring victories. Quietly, but victories nevertheless.

    And if all else fails, the Left starts making death threats and creating sexual scenarios against the Right, which is hilarious to me when you think of Kennedy and Clinton, just for starters. I wish they were as quick to bring their own to justice as they are to drum up unproven accusations against people like Kavanaugh. I’m actually surprised that they haven’t figured out a way to bring Mike Pence down. The only thing they have against him is his decision to never be alone with any woman but his wife. That’s an old-fashioned rule that used to be fairly universal in America, but when Pence stands by it, he is reviled as a woman-hater. I still haven’t figured out the logic of that conclusion.

    Oy. You pushed a button this morning.

    • Repeatedly I find that you and I and thousands of other conservatives are quietly digging in and not budging. We hear the applause from Heaven and it is all we need. I worry about the fence-sitters though. It is they who often determine the turn of events in Washington. The fence sitters don’t really care where the applause comes from–they usually follow the money. If that is so, we will be okay come November 6. Linda, I pushed my own buttons on this piece. I wondered for myself where my applause was coming from, or if there were any applause at all! If there is any applause, let it come from the cheering gallery in Heaven!

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