Monthly Archives: December, 2018

A Calendar Doodle

Moses occasionally waxed poetic in the book of Exodus and one Psalm is attributed to him. Psalm 90 was probably written close to the end of the Wilderness Wanderings.  Grandson, Kholton, wrote his mother a poem for Christmas.  It is so sweet!  As for me, I can’t even write to the meter of “Roses are …

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A Christmas Doodle

Christmas time is here again. In the local stores it has been for sale since before Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I wait until Advent to start my Christmas. Oh, I admit, I play my playlist of Christmas songs sometimes other times of the year, and occasionally, I buy items right after Christmas …

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Christmas Eve, 1881 (from my story file)

I’ve used this story a couple of times this week.  You might need a tissue or two before the story is finished.  It teaches such a very important principle that I decided to share it here.  I found it on a story site back in 2014.  Some of you storytellers may be able to use …

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