Monthly Archives: January, 2019

Touching the Clouds (book review)

Book 1 in a 3-book series, Touching the Clouds, by Bonnie Leon, is a break from hum drum fiction that seems to permeate the market today. It is published by Revell, copywrite 2010. The print edition is 396 pages. I chose the Kindle edition because it was free and as of this afternoon, is still …

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When It Became Quiet

On a somewhat recent shopping excursion I purchased some interesting paper napkins.  They have several questions on them that are considered conversation starters.  Until I was unpacking my groceries, I didn’t even notice what I had bought.  Ha, I thought, the grandkids will enjoy these. Now that I have used them on several occasions, the …

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Bibi: The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin Netanyahu (Book review)

I chose to review this book on my blog site because I thought it might inspire some of the readers here to investigate the book further. I couldn’t review the book on Amazon because I did not purchase it there but listened to it on audio from Talking Books, a service of the Library of …

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