Monthly Archives: April, 2019

Beyond the Empty Tomb

I just saw an interesting picture of the scene from within the empty tomb looking to the outside.  Jesus, of course, had a vision for a dying world of mankind, but do we?  Unlike Christmas, Easter does not usually leave me with an emotional sadness that it is over.  Every Sunday is a resurrection remembrance. …

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A Dirt Road Doodle

Our farmhouse stood back from a dirt road.  It wasn’t gravel as many roads around us were.  It was dirt.  I suppose at one time it was a mere wagon road that led five miles to the nearest town.  My grandfather homesteaded the land in the late 1800’s and among the many papers he had …

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Three Days in Moscow (book review)

Three Days in Moscow: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of the Soviet Empire, is written by Brett Baier and Catherine Whitney.  It is published and sold by Harper Collins.  The print edition in hardcover is 416 pages.  The book was published in May, 2018.  It is book 2 in a series the Baier is writing.  …

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