What Do You Think?

After all these years, I find myself repeatedly hearing my dad’s voice. He always, and I do mean always, looked for the best in people.  Maybe it is his gentle persuasion that taught me to look for the best also.  Now, he was not naïve, and neither am I.  There are evil people of whom we should be suspicious, but the good people far outnumber the evil ones. Perhaps it is a psychological trick that if we think the best of people, they will succumb to our expectations.

I do know, for certain, that if I follow the thinking pattern of Philippians 4:8, I not only am a happier person in general, I find the people with whom I mingle to be better people.  That list of things to think about:  true, lovely, admirable, noble, pure, excellent, praiseworthy—think on these things, is a good thing.  Now, the problem is, I am bombarded with all the opposite if I watch too much news.  Accidents, murders, illness, politics, wars, all fill the mind with tension.  I took the long weekend—Friday through Monday, off news. I scrolled right past pages in my newsfeed that had anything to do with world politics, wars, division of opinion, and hopelessness.  It is a good thing.  This morning my mind is uncluttered.  My focus is on beneficial things.

I know we cannot ignore the evils is the world around us and we must be proactive.  It is, however, necessary to walk as if on a balance beam of circumspect thinking.  My son-in-law, Gary, succinctly says, “It’s all about balance.” He is right. Dad was right too.



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