Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Abortion

This title is right up front.  You know the subject and I am not trying to hide a single thing in a shadowy title.  These are old sins.  They have been around, I suppose, since the beginning of time. It didn’t take long for the fermentation process to occur and curiosity made mankind taste what the liquid tasted like.  Some spewed it out with a loud “Yuck!” while for others the liquid wasn’t all that bad and not long after drinking it, the effect of mind altering took place. The Bible speaks openly about drunkenness in both the Old and New Testaments. It is a choice to either drink it or stay away from it.  Sweet apple cider and sweet grape juice do not a alter the brain in any way and in fact, have health benefits. Moderation and personal choice matter.

Supposition also leads me to think that the apothecaries in time past experimented with various herbs, roots, and bark teas only to find that some had a definite healing effect, while some only doped the brain to feeling nothing, or even produced a euphoria or stimulation.  Without any regulations except for self-control, it could become easily addictive if the herb produced a “high.”  Once learned, the herbs could be mixed by an apothecary and sold or bartered according to conscience.  The modern drug addict wants that mind altering drug directly into the blood stream so that his self-inflicted addition can be calmed.  Our bodies, given to God in self-surrender, can overcome the cravings for drugs to help us, and rather turn to the Lord for help to calm the pain or distress we happen to be suffering.

Abortion is different.  Although abortion has been induced through shadowy herb teas for thousands of years, it was usually done quietly and in the very first weeks when a woman understood that she was expecting a baby she never desired.  The baby, resulting from usually prostitution, could be eliminated if you knew the right person to go to for a blend of deadly toxins that would result in the death of the forming baby within. Abortion is different because it affects more than one individual body.  It affects the body of the unborn. The unborn baby is innocent.  The only crime committed was the sin of a promiscuous desire to satisfy the lust of the flesh.

Americans, and other nationalities as well, have struggled with these three problems and tried attacking them in a plethora of ways.  At the very core of the problem, however, only one solution exists.  Self-control.
That sounds so simple; yet, it is true.  Laws may inhibit drunkenness, addiction, and abortion, but the desire to stop it must come from within the person.  There is only one power than can instill a stopping point:  the power of God.  The battle that ensues is between the forces of evil (Satan) and the forces of perfect (God).

Turning one’s life over to God is simple surrender for some; for others, it is an intense struggle. Everyone is different because we are uniquely designed by a Creator Who loves us more than we can ever understand.  If you are struggling today, the steps are simple:

Confess that you are a sinner.
Understand that God loves sinners and paid for their sin at Calvary where Jesus died to pay the penalty for sin.
Accept the gift of grace, mercy, and forgiveness.  Take it.  It is yours.

Jesus will set you free.

Please let me know if you come to a decision to choose Jesus to overcome sin.  I can help you further into a walk with Jesus that is like no other.




  1. Sometimes people are amazed when they learn I have never tasted any sort of alcoholic beverage. Ever. Not a drop. And I’ve lived quite happily ever after 🙂 There is a saying I like: If you never take that first drink, you will never become an alcoholic.

    One tiny thing I’m pretty sure you would want to correct: “Laws may inhibit drunkenness, addition,” —I’m sure you meant “addiction.” 🙂

  2. Thanks. I did edit this, but missed that one little letter. Worse, I used the “read aloud” feature in Word, and still didn’t catch it! . I’ll change it on the master copy, not sure about how to edit it here but maybe I will learn something new today.

  3. Ah, found the edit button. Learned something new.

  4. As I’ve gone through life, and coming from where I have, I’ve concluded there are so many factors involved. Sin is sin and sin is always wrong, but a person’s view of the world, the amount of understanding they have, and the choices they have in life are all affected a lot by which side of the tracks they grew up on.
    I have friends who grew up sexually abused by fathers or live-ins, a sister who was repeatedly beaten by her drunken husband. My mom was often at the bar because she had nothing else to live for and no proper wits to speak of, and my little sister followed her in that lifestyle. I married a good man and found myself in a middle-class family—people who do have choices.
    Thankfully the Spirit of God does reach out to everyone, as it did to me, but you can’t just hop out of your environment and into a clean one, and will you be accepted by the new folks you want to associate with? As one old song says, “It’s hard to be pure when circled around with sin.”
    Likewise it’s hard for a newly born-again Christian to find their way through the maze of confusion that Christianity has become. A whole ‘nother subject.

  5. Bless you, Christine for sharing these thoughts here. I am so thankful you found Christ. It is our responsibility to reach out with the hope of Christ to those who are being hurt by the social sins that abound. We need not look to only far away pagan places to share Christ; they surround us. Hopefully, church people will and should reach out to those who are seeking to live a better life, particularly those who are new babes in Christ. My point is to make Christians aware of the spiritual needs rather than simply “clean up” a life, let’s do all we can in prayer, and outreach to bring spiritual hope to a world crying out for help from a needle, snort, or bottle. Hugs, Love, and Prayers to you and your loved ones.

    • I’m very thankful that I was pointed to the Lord at a young age, even if my aunt & uncle who raised me weren’t church-going people. My aunt made some commitment when a teen and never forgot it, though the needs of life carried her away from church-attendance.

      It’s one thing to grow up surrounded by these things, but it’s really sad when people who grew up in loving homes reject that teaching and fall into these vices. My non-Christian family are quick to point out the failings odf supposed Christians, and I have to admit, their vision is accurate. It’s far worse — a kind of torture, really — to live the double life of an “outward” Christian, yet bound by secret addictions.

      • At best we all need to remember that we live in a very flawed world. The anwers always have been and always will be reliance on God, and best of all, we have His completed Word to run to.

  6. I have this eating disorder… let me back up, I recently decided to get clean and sober-minded with the help of Jesus. My only problem now is that instead of drugs and alcohol, I have gotten addicted to food. What should I do? Do you think God can help me and if so how?

    • Replacement is always a concern when it comes to kicking a habit. It is very common among those who decide to stop smoking. Eating is a big problem for many people who do not even recognize it as a lack of self control. Yes, you can overcome eating. It will not be easy. Anything we set out to do that will make us a better person seems to be a struggle. First of all, Jesus cannot be of instant help unless He is your personal Savior. That is the first step. Recognize your sinfulness, confess it, and accept the salvation that Jesus paid for on the cross. Then it is a matter of daily surrender to making yourself into a person of whom Jesus can be proud. Find daily help by reading the Bible. A good promise to hold to is found in Philippians 4:13 which states, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Blessings to you as you go forth in the strength of the Lord.

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