Monthly Archives: January, 2020

Getting back to where you were. . .

A program on my computer just about wiped everything I am familiar with off of my computer.  Or maybe is scrambled it at the very least.  It is a bit frustrating.  To make matters worse, what I expected to find on my WordPress site is not the same.  It may be partly my fault for …


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We are instructed in Psalm 1 that if we walk with godly people, display a peaceful attitude, do not consider the counsel of sinners, and delight ourselves in the Word of God, we will be like trees planted near water.  Such trees flourish with healthy green foliage and produce fruit. Like that tree, the person …

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Benjamin Franklin speaks. . .

Political division is intense today; it was intense in the Constitutional Convention when America was a fledgling nation.  We will always have differences of opinion.  It is human nature.  It is worth the time to read and feel the intensity of Franklin’s words when he addresses the assembly with the proposition that each day of …

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It’s Greek to Me!

Mechanics is a foreign language to me.  Assembly instructions baffle me.  However, I can read a sewing pattern. Even some sewing patterns were more difficult, and I preferred the brand “Simplicity.”  I found that other brands sometimes left steps out of the assembly and expected all sewers to be accomplished enough to know what to …

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The Diffuser

One of the many ways that I use essential oils is in a small diffuser.  I tried other methods of getting the aromas into the air, but finally parted with money last winter and purchased an electric diffuser.  As in many things, once we get the right tool, we wonder what we did without it. …

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