A Hope that is sure and steadfast

Daily I have looked at a list on my desk.  It says finish blog. To the left of that job is a line to put a check mark on.  I have been speechless with  overwhelming emotions that run from sadness, to frustration, to contentment, to joy, and back to sadness.  This coronavirus has caused havoc.  I want to find a lasting peaceful, serene demeaner and just when I think I have it—poof—if disappears in yet another piece of information from someone far away.  One microscopic germ has pushed our country and much of the world to a slow crawl.

I sit in contemplation now at the news from a dear missionary sister.  Haiti just became a place of sickness on top of political turmoil that that been boiling for months.  The mission board called them home.  It is mandatory.  I have missionary family called back to the United States weeks ago now, because they live in China.

Sure, I am a bit lonesome, sitting in my comfy prison that is carpeted, well heated, and ha modest supply of food. I even have a supply of paper products.  I have caring neighbors and a steadfast church family.

But, these missionaries?  They have poured their lives into the people of a foreign country.  Countries that are defiant to God, and in some cases, openly worshippers of Satan.  I am torn in heart for the countries that need God’s message of love, hope, security.  I am torn for the missionary children who are ripped out of secure places of home—it is the only home they know—to come back to America—where they have never lived except for a few months at a time—to “resume”?

BUT, there is hope.  The writer of Hebrews  describes it as a “. . .strong consolation, who have fled for refuge, to lay hold upon the hope that is set before us:  which hope we have as an anchor. . .”  You and I can lay hold of that hope, that anchor, on behalf of those who are going through tremendous turmoil.  I beg you to pray for those, not only in our country of America, but for those in foreign lands who do not have the comforts we take for granted.  This pandemic has left our world’s population with no place to flee but into that hope that is “. . .sure and steadfast. . .”  Hebrews 6:17-18

Jesus is my only hope.  Jesus will not let me down.  If you do not know Jesus as your only hope, contact me or someone you can trust in a local Bible-believing church to find that steadfast and sure hope.

Further, pray for our essential workers in America.  Some dedicated IT (information traffic) employee is keeping communications going for millions of us! They are important people too!

Now, to put a check mark next to finish blog.




  1. I have a missionary friend who is hoping to fly home on Monday, if all things go well. She’s in Bangladesh, and things are heating up there politically as well as from the virus. She’s been packed and ready to go for a couple of weeks now, just waiting for the word from the Embassy.

    We’re fine out here, so far, although I heard today that the first case has been reported in our county, as well as a couple of other counties adjacent to ours. We’ve been home. fortunately, I’m rarely bored. Can always find something to occupy my mind. What frustrates me is my physical limitations. I could be spring cleaning!

    • I’ve done a speck of spring cleaning but the bug hasn’t bitten me quite yet. It will. We have had pleasant weather to be outside, but I so easily talk myself out of going out into the yard. Once the calendar turns, my ambition seems to kick in too.

      • Yes, I get it. Having grown up in the Midwest, March is still winter to me. In spite of the flowering trees, forsythia, daffodils–which I’ve been enjoying for over 25 years now–spring doesnt really start until April 🙂

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