Monthly Archives: February, 2021

Music Fundamentals and Parenting

Sometime in the last six months I have used the feature on my computer to play music during my prayer time.  Instrumental music of course, so words are not distracting.  I have a classical guitar recording but I have never ripped it to my computer drive, but I have both Dino and Greg Howlett piano …

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Let the Children Come (book review)

The full title of the book is Let the Children Come:  The Life of George Muller. It is a relatively new book published in December of 2020.  Its print length is 367 pages.  The publisher is Crown Publishers, Reedsport, OR, 97467. The author is Tom Fay.  The price is free if you already have a …

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Turn to the Light

A theme has stuck in my head, fallen to my heart, and perhaps leaked  out of my fingers on the keyboard this week.  It is LIGHT.  In the events that have evolved since November 3, 2020, Americans have experienced the sharp contrast between light and darkness.  While those who are deceptive love darkness because their …

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