Let the Children Come (book review)

The full title of the book is Let the Children Come:  The Life of George Muller. It is a relatively new book published in December of 2020.  Its print length is 367 pages.  The publisher is Crown Publishers, Reedsport, OR, 97467. The author is Tom Fay.  The price is free if you already have a Kindle Unlimited membership. If you do not participate in Kindle Unlimited, it is $4.99.

Although the title looks like a biography, the book is fictionalized and modernized into today’s setting instead of 1800’s England.  This book is considered a novel; however, the characters are not created.  The central characters are George Mueller, his wife, Mary, and daughter, Lydia.  Supporting characters are also real people.  The setting is what is fictionalized.  The author’s preface tells the reader why the book is presented this way so it is essential to read the preface or the reader will be sadly confused.  It is not until the epilogue that the writer tells the reader what is fact and what is fiction.

I usually give a book thirty pages and if after that I just put it down if I have not gained interest.  In this case, I am such a tightwad that I was not going to pay five dollars for a book left unfinished.  I was well past half of the book before I settled in some enjoyment. I find deep disappointment that I do not have the full, real story behind this remarkable person of George Muller. Had I not selected this book so soon after having read the Elizabeth Elliot story, which was superbly written, I would not have been as disappointed. It was difficult not to compare. 

I don’t think I’ll be a fan of Tom Fay’s writing.  I enjoy history and think there is so much to learn from those who contributed so much to the Christian faith, that I won’t be trying this route to history again. Now, this is just my opinion and you may feel entirely different.  I put out these book reviews so that you will have access to different views.  My prediction for this book having lasting value is dim.  I came in contact with the book through Amazon book recommendations, so they did their job!  Their promotion was a bit overrated, in my opinion. If you want an honest, well researched biography of the orphanage builder who operated his ministry solely by faith, Tom Fay’s book is not the answer.


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  1. I’ve read the old, original biography of Mr. Mueller. Don’t think I’ll be looking at this updated version.

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