Monthly Archives: September, 2021


Jalalud-din Rumi, an Islamic poet, was born in 1248 in what is now modern-day Afghanistan.  Had I paid better attention in World   Literature, I would know more of him, but that is about all I know, other than that most writers in Western civilization simply call him Rumi when they credit any of his lines …

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Surround Sounds

The street that I live on runs the entire length of our city.  Because it is so long, there are many streets that connect to it and it tends to   be busy.  My house sits on a corner lot with a four-way stop sign.  On working days, it is busy but I seldom“hear” the traffic. …

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Between Lines

After an extended lapse and two computers, it is time to resume The Shepherd’s Presence.  Fortunately, when my computer of ten years of faithful service went down, I was happy to have put most of my files in the cloud storage provided by Microsoft.  It has been a long road to getting back and on …

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