Monthly Archives: February, 2022

A February Doodle

Blink once, it is Ground Hog’s Day, blink twice, it is February 28.  It occurred to me today that perhaps Ground Hog’s Day was dreamed up by some weather purveyor because typically, February is usually a cloudy month.  In hopes that the groundhog would come out, yawn and stretch a bit before venturing back for …

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I’ve been reading. . .

Reading with eyes and ears, that is. I am thankful that the Library of Congress provided books for the blind and hard-of-seeing folks like me. I let my books pile up that I have read and if I don’t consolidate them  into mini reviews, you won’t get them at all.  So here we go. ONE:   …

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A Milk Review

Well, let me stand corrected.  Early this week, with a brewing winter storm coming at us, like most of other Franklin residents, I decided I needed milk to get me through. The shelves were empty except for chocolate and“designer” milks.  I mistakenly called almond milk “fake milk” and picked up a half gallon.     I had …

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