Monthly Archives: March, 2022

A March Memories Doodle

As a child, I can’t say that I much cared for the month of March. Central Wisconsin saw ice begin to break up on the lakes and fishermen who had ice   fishing shanties had deadlines to get them off the lakes.  We had sandy soil on our farm place and thus, not much mud.  My …

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The Jerusalem Assassin (book revieew)

The Jerusalem Assassin by Joel C. Rosenberg is the best book yet by the now well-acclaimed author of political thrillers.  It is published by Tyndale Publishing, copyright 2020.  It is 441 pages of non-stop action with a setting that is a hot spot. It is another “Marcus Ryker” series,but can be read as a stand …

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A Shout

A shout. That’s it. A shout. And the walls of Jericho flattened. No battering rams, no tanks, no missals, no. Just a shout. When Gideon had a reduced military force of 300, God defeated the opponents with a SHOUT. I add, also a reputation of a nighty God. That happened at Jericho too. There was …

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